Johnny B. Goode

I was listening to Pandora the other day and 'Johnny B. Goode' by Peter Tosh came on. Man, what a great rendition of a classic. I will have to buy this one. Check it out on Rhapsody if you have it. There is a 4 minute version and a 7 minute version. The shorter version is the really cooks.
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Johnny Winter
I saw your post and immediately thought of the 'Tosh version, and whaddya know that's what you were referring to! I have the cut on one of his albums, I think "Mama Africa". It is one romping reggae cut. I would look for the 12" 45 pressed in UK. Probably has the best bass.
Xiekitchen, the version on 'Mama Africa' is 7 min long. The version on his greatest hits compilation has the 4 min version, which is probably the same as the '45 you are speaking of....the bass is boiling.