John Tucker and LSA/DK scores with the Statement

I owned the original DK MK II Integrated when it first came out and it was the talk of the industry with just a tad bit too much hype to say the least.

It more than impressed me however in it's application in my secondary system paired with an Audiomeca Mephisto IIx and a pair of modded Maggie 1.6's.

Once DK was sold and John Tucker of Exemplar came on board
I purchased the Signature Version .

This Sig. was now giving my main system a run for it's money and eventually bumped out my seperates.
I had on hand in my main set-up a Plinius SA 100MK III and a Krell FPB 300CX that I would go back and forth with.
My source was a Lector 7TL and my pre was a custom made Bel Canto SEP running a pir of Maggie 3.6's

The signature actually offerred more slam than the Krell and was much warmer than the Plinius(which is said to be a very sweet solid state piece)
I soon parted with the Plinius,Krell and reluctantly the Bel Canto
By eliminating a component and running my 7TL (with RCA 12at7 Blackplates) to the Signature using only one reference cable between them I was beyond pleased.
"less boxes = more music in this case"

I later contacted John and was told about the NEW Statement
version and John explained the sonic advantages.

John does not come across as someone who would hype or exagerate his work and designs, to the contrary he is far too humble.

IMO The Statement is beyond compare and could be put up (and has been)against the finest seperates available today and actually believe it or not betterd most.

I've lugged my Statement over to two local Audiophiles with huge set-ups and one gentlemen now owns one and is in heaven and the other gentlemen knows he's missing the boat
but can't seem to part with his status system yet(his musical loss)

So, it was great to see the LSA Signature get it's just do in a review by Martin DeWulf from "Bound for Sound",however,the latest Positive Feedback (www.positive-feedback/Issue35/lsa.htm)review says it all.

Great for john and the new owners of LSA(formerly DK)they've more than earned this just do praise with hard work and great designs.

Original DK rest in piece
I also use the DK Signature and have been thinking about the upgrade for some time now and after reading the latest review I'm so very tempted.
Nonetheless I love what I am hearing now and when funds allow I may go for it.
Prior to owning the Sig. I was using a Levinson 32 Ref. Preamp with a Sim Audio W-5.
Very happy I made the move and the Signature drives my ML Prodigy's easier than the W-5
GO FIGURE? a fraction of the cost and a large percentage in improvement.
I like the National 6922's from Upscale or Telefunken ECC88's in my unit.
I had the DK Sig. Ultimately it did not do it for me in my setup with Reimer Wind River speakers and a Sony Modwright 999ES source. On paper it should have been an awesome system. But there are many factors involved in system synergy. Synergy seems to be an elusive thing. I'm aware of the Statement and it looks fabulous. Congrats on finding what many of us seek in our systems. And to Bobf, Hi Bob, hope all is well with you.