John Prine

Saw John Prine last night in Richmond, first time although am quite familiar with his music. He was teriffic, him with a bass guitarist and a lead guitarist. Sound was amazing, singing was greater than on disc. Worth the effort to see him when he is i your area.
Yes, John Prine makes a good effort live, definitely worth seeing. Jason Wilber, who plays guitar with him, and also works on his own, is very good indeed. John
Prine is one of our finest singer/songwriters. I've seen him live many times since 1970, and he always gives a great performance. His distinctive voice changed dramatically after his successful battle with throat cancer a few years ago, but still works its engaging magic. A recent CD "In Spite of Ourselves" is well recorded and full of Prine's infectious humor.
Agreed- Wonderful guy to see. A national treasure too frequently overlooked.
I sure would like for him to release another new album. Fair and Square (2007) was great . . . need some more!
"There's a hole in Daddy's arm where all the money goes."
Next to Dylan and Townes stands John Prine!
I'm a huge John Prine fan. I saw him at the Philly Folk Fest a few years ago and agree, he does put on a great live show.

"Grampa`s on the front lawn staring at a rake
Wondering if his marriage was a terrible mistake"

Good call on the lyric Hazard. One of his best.

"Mind all your manners, be quiet as a mouse,
one day you'll have a home that's as big as house"

Agree with other comments. Love John Prine, on disc or live.
I had an elderly couple as neighbors for years. Every time I listened to Prine sing "Hello in There" I wanted to go across the street and chat. Prine is a remarkable writer.
I can't tell you how may times I've felt the same way when I have seen an older person while on my lunchtime walk in town. Ever since I heard that song I make it a point to at least smile and say hello. Sometimes you can tell that person appreciates your gesture...however small it may be.