John Potis Family Relief Fund established

John Potis, a well-known, well-liked audio reviewer who wrote for Soundstage, 6moons, and Positive Feedback Online, died suddenly at age 49. He is survived by a wife and 2 daughters, age 12 and 9.
A Potis Family Relief Fund has been established for contributions to help his family.
Cash contributions can be made by sending a check or a money order to:
Potis Family Relief Fund
13510 Blenheim Rd N
Phoenix, MD 21131
Contributions can also be sent through PayPal to id

Donations in kind also can be made by contacting:
Eric Luebehusen
Phone: 202-720-3361
Donations in kind will be auctioned on Audiogon and the entire proceed will go to the Potis Family Relief Fund.