John Palumbo Fans unit

I just recieved the cd for Blowing up Detroit. I was wondering if there were any big fans of John or Crack the Sky out there in Audiophile land?
Oh yeah, been a CtS fanatic since I saw them years and years ago bringing down the house in a tiny place in Toronto.
Particularly love the LPs "Safety in Numbers", and "Live Sky" with the blow-out guitar extravaganza rendition of "Surf City" and the "I Am the Walrus" encore.
Just got Blowing up Detroit on vinyl the other day off ebay - haven't had a chance to listen yet. Seriously fun band, and the "Safety" LP is still a dynamics dynamo that I use often to demo my system for the rockers among us!
"Something's wrong from the moon my friends - something's wrong from the moon".....
Live Sky - definitely one of the great live albums ever. I would have loved to see these guys live. As strange as their studio albums were they sounded a little dry. But the live one shows the energy and musicianship that makes these songs great.

You should ask this question over at and see what kind of a reception you will get.

Huge Palumbo/CtS fan here! Great music recorded terrificly!! Did you know that John recorded From the Greenhouse in his basement with his own recording equipment? Of course, he didnt do the mastering in the studio, but just the same, a home recorded album this great? All i can say is WOW!!-Mrmitch
thanks for the postings. I now have aquired "Blowing up Detroit and Citizen X. Both great albums.And Hey Mrmitch I did not know that was a basement recording. One of my favorite albums..
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