John Mellencamp "Life,Death,Love....."

Very interesting CD/DVD. Lyrics worth listening to - great sound . The included DVD-A for reasons un-clear to me ( different mix?)sounds signifigantly better thru the digi out jacks ( downconverted)into the EAD DSP-Pro than the CD does?
I've posted elsewhere on this. Play the DVD-A on a universal player or a home theater set up; T Bone Burnett has a legitimate breakthrough here. This is the antidote to compressed MP-3 or poor engineering on CD's. T Bone was the producer on Brother Where Are You and performs with Alison Krause/Robert Plant's Raising Sand.
I have listened to both the cd and dvd-a tonight. The code version is far superior. Better soundstage more lifelike sound.
What is "code version"?
BTW, it doesn't look like DVD-A, just DVD. It doesn't have a menu like DVD-A, just tracks listing. What made you think it's DVD-A?
Sorry its not dvd-a. It is 24/96 and is playable in a regular dvd player. Code is T Bone Burnett's name for the recording system he used.
Anyone pick this up on Vinyl?
Just ordered it from J&R.
Yes, I have it on vinyl and it seems quite a bit duller compared to the CD.
I've got the vinyl, nothing special, a little dark sounding and mushy.
Much of this album reminds me of Springsteen's 1995 Ghost of Tom Joad.

The moods and emotions in the songs are very similar IMO.

There is some terrific instrumentation and overall one of his best efforts.

I'm still partial to Uh-Huh and American Fool.
T Bone Burnett uses ATC speakers for engineering, mixing and also for mastering (uses Gavin Lurssen). He has a thing about ensuring proper dynamics in what he produces. "Raising Sand" recently won album of the year Grammy. Perhaps there is still hope for a return to well recorded uncompressed music...