John Mayer Trio???????

After seeing an interview by Matt Pinfield on the show "Sound off" and seeing John Mayer perform with Buddy Guy on Farm Aid 20th aniversay I am very eager to check out this recording, anyone have good things to say?
The band is very tight & JM 's vocals are sharp even though he struggles with some notes. The recording is so so but overall the CD is a pleasure to listen to. He makes me hurt while watching him sing on his vids.
one of the few young guitarists who truly plays with his head. his excursion into the blues may seem strange to some, but if you've been listening to this guy for a few years, quite often he's come off as as the heir the the throne of john b. sebastian......being old enough to even make the comparison scares me. a gig with mr sebastian would be killer.
You bet. Just got the LP this week. This album is refreshing to hear him flex his creative muscle and dip into the blues style, which he pulls off quite well. I agree with Miner42, band is great but the recording does not do the music justice, at least on vinyl.

His first two albums on CD sound great while the vinyl is so so, I imagine the same case hear after playing the standard vinyl version.

Get the CD, its worth it.
Yeah, I have this cd, and while this foray into blues may seem a bit of a departure from his norm hip-hop/top 20 style, I think it is a genuine attempt and effort to make it work. It comes off quite listenable and the recording is perhaps a bit above average. I have only had the album a couple of weeks and has limited play time, however it is growing on me more than his older stuff.
If you have a chance to check out Eric Claptons "Crossroads" dvd, he does to songs. Was the first time i had heard his music, now i'm hooked....
Ya, he shreads on "Crossroads", too bad his singing channels Michael Franks who channeled Mose Allison. Why do good guitarists find it necessary to sing poorly? Benson was the heir apparent to Wes Montgomery until he opened his mouth, and let's not even get into Clapton.
Two years ago I would have bet my car that I'd never like a john mayer album. Had someone made that proposition I'd be looking for a new car as I think trio is a pretty solid recording. I think jm is an example of the inverse sell-out. He put out top 40 stuff to make a name for himself and once he "made it" he is back to his berkely roots and what he actually wants to play. my $.02.
Are you all referring to a new album by the trio? I read in Rollingstone a month or so ago that he was currently in the studio and/or about to release a new album...
I had the privelage of seeing John several times live before his Room for Squares release and mass popularity. He is a fantastic guitar player and really has good pace. He was playing a few of his songs acoustically and a lot of covers from Dave Matthews, SRV, Hendrix, and Bob Marley.

His mainstream stuff is a little too poppy for my taste but I have really enjoyed the Trio performance. Hopefully, since John has made some money, he will do more stuff in this direction..

He is ready to release a new solo album called "Continium" I believe, and yes he got his big name selling pop but actually according to Mayer he fought the release of both his big singles because although he was proud of them.....they didnt represent him even close.
I've been a Fan Of John since day one. He is truely one of the best young Guitarist to come along in a long time. I really hope his new trio release will be a stepping stone to his new directions (not that his previous work was bad ). I love artist that aren't afraid to expand their musical boundries , espically ROCK, JAZZ, BLUES, ect.