John Mayer. Buy his album room for squares

If you like Dave Matthews or David Gray, you have to check out John Mayer. You will not be disappointed

Great album. Slightly aggressively mixed but very compelling. It makes me want to run through the halls of my high school...
Yep, I like this one. I went to see him a few months back when he came to Nashville. Very good show. The mix on the CD is pretty much aimed at teenagers wanting to crank up their car stereo, etc. It does sound good in the car. Not very realistic dynamics for an audiophile's home system. Highly recommended CD.
It is a really great album but he is really an asshole (he squeezed my friend's butt when she took a picture with him). Nevertheless, a album worthy of my money
I just bought his other album, It arrived today. I'll check it out and get back to you.
Great new artist.....check out my thread on John Mayer in the search archives...
I actually just went to his concert on November 27th. It was killer. I also just picked up his old album "inside wants" This one sounds a little better on a home system. Most of the songs on the old album are acoustic.
Inside wants out is getting a lot of play in my car right now. I have to try it in the house soon. It's a very nice acoustic mix with many of the songs showing up on the Room for squares CD.