John Lennon

As this is the 20th anniversary of the tragic death of John Lennon i would like to share my respect with all Audiogon members.
Its hard to believe that 20 years has passed (thats half my life so far) and while no life lost counts for more than another music in general and his fans died a little that day to...
Just like the day JFK was shot and the day we first landed on the moon I remember exactly where I was that first moment, of disbelief, when I first heard John Lennon was killed. Lord how I miss those days of discovery and wonder; of the 60's as the Beatles helped establish a new world of music and awareness. Thank you Mikec for reminding me of this rather sad day and the events of 20 yrs ago. John was always my favorite Beatle. He lives on in my heart and I will never tire of his music.
SALUTE to the man who wasn't afraid to stand up for his beliefs, was so humble even with his mega-talent, who unquestionably changed my life, who still influences me today, and who's band may have saved the world from utter destruction by ourselves... tears even today, 20 years later...
It was 20 years ago today...But the real celebration should be 60 years ago when John came into this world. We should celebrate his life and work. I guess that Yoko Ono isn't a lot of people's favorite, but she said that we should celebrate John's birthday and not the day of his death. I agree, although I'll never forget the day he died.
I know that it may be inappropriate to slam the guy on the 20th anniversary of his death but I really have to differ with some of you. He was just a man. Why do we have to raise every icon to the level of a demi-god status. Was he talented? Sure.. But lets keep things in perspective. The guy was not Mother Theresa.
Well, I know one guy who is a mother...
Kkirkpa: Maybe Zappa should have his own thread?
Wow thanks Mikec. Sure he was a person. Yet even today when listening to early Beatles or Double Fantasy I'm reminded how grateful I am to him. His paeans to Love continue to resonate deep inside me. Rest in peace John Lennon.
The sum was greater than the parts.Paul and Georgie have always been my favorites.Own several Wings albums,and Georgie albums. In this century Lennon/ Mc Cartney, unquestionably the best song writers.(Mozart and those guys didn't have to write lyrics)But they were at their best united. Love Georgie,a lot,then Paul/John and Ringo a bit.On the White, many of Georgie's(Long Long &'Guitar Gently Weeps) are my favs.Ab Rd;Something, and HereComesTheSun-Geo's songs. More famous/popular than Jesus Christ? Talk about somebody in need of some coaching on giving those "sound bites" to the press.Double Fantasy was on it's way DOWN the charts big time, at the time of his TRAGIC Death. I used to listen to Casey Casem back then.Sometimes the best thing about the forums is the back and forth banter(Mother Tereasa/Frank Zappa)Timing is everything;glad your posts were consecutive.Sometimes a neutral light is more eluminating. I guess our country is more infamous for assassinating its leaders and famous folk.Any tennis fan is probably aware, the sicko who stabbed Monica never did any jail time.NONE!!Look at Belfast/Palistine/Rodesia/ Sareavo.(sorry would take me all day to do the spelling) I guess what I'm saying isn't to flattering on man's treatment of his fellow man. But it WAS, what I thought was John's most endearing quality.As survivors, and in this season (not just) we must Give Peace A Chance.
I live near the Dakota, and remember seeing John Lennon walk by, what a cool person he seemed to be. His work and efforts helped me and so many people to move forward in their life that it is worth a moment to remember him with gratitude.
Must a musical icon be beyond fault? World changing music, messages of love and tolerance, tempered by personal failings {Hey Jude where's your dad?}. Musical genius and culture changing icon? Certainly. Great man? Can't say. I loved the Beatles ever since I heard them on my transistor radio as a kid. Loved the stuff he put out post Beatles. I wish I had never read about his relationship with his own son. He did not think of himself as a god( the Jesus Christ comments were clearly misconstrued) but he and the Beatles really did change the world. But he was human. He has touched us all and I honor his memory.
Perhaps any negative comments I have concerning John Lenin are best reserved for another time. I respect how many of you have deep feelings for the man. Any comments I have made are not in reference to John Lenin. I know very little about him personally and I don't pretend to know the heart of every public person. My comments are primarily aimed at the over-significance that we give to famous people.
I listented to "A Day In The Life" and cried, just like I did 20 years ago (same vinyl).
I just want to let Kevperro know that he's not alone in his sentiments and in answer to his question it seems to be some kind of inflationary economics of envy/adoration similar to the related scapegoat phenomenon. Witness princess Diana, et al. The enigma of glamour
We don't worship John; we love him.
Kudos to what 90493 has stated here, and I could not have expressed it better than this. It stunned me that it was 20 Years ago, and how time flies. A masterpiece was lost this day many years ago, and I will never forget the unbelievable maronic loss.
I'm 27 years old now, when I was 7 years old I already love his misic! Rute.
John Lennon was not a saint; he definitly did and said things that I would consider morally questionable. But then so did JFK, Elvis, Mozart,...... the list is endless. We are only human and each of us commits sins and makes mistakes. The point is that some humans have the incredible gift to enrich the lives of many, despite their human flaws.To many of us John Lennon was such a person; one who permanently changed our lives in a, hopefully, positive way. I simply felt it appropriate to acknowledge this and the anniversary of his passing. And to give thanks that such a person, flaws and all, could make my life happier through his music.
Diana's importance has certainly been overstated, but John Lennon?... I don't think so. A public person or politician, even a beloved and well intended one should not be compared to a great artist.
John Lennon was no Mother Teresa? Hey, even Mother Teresa was no Mother Teresa. Do a little research and you will find some well-researched, solid criticism of her and her work. I was a big Lennon fan, too, and remember well the shock of his killing. But it's simply not true that he was humble. Geez, if he were, he and Paul wouldn't have had such intense fights. I think it's appropriate in the case of Lennon and all artists to respect them for their work and talent and appreciate the effect it has on us without elevating them to deities. That only invites the temptation to tear them down. And in fact, that is exactly what happened in the form of a sick mind with a gun.