John Fahey "America"

Any thoughts from members here on 4 Men With Beards reissue of this LP? Listening to it makes me (in awe) of his ability! 35th on Rolling Stones all time great guitarists list? I think it should be a little lower.
I'm sure you could take out "The Edge" at #24 to move him up a notch and no one would mind.
I have this LP as well as the original.I prefer the sound of the original,though I find no fault with the 4 Men version.The 4Men issue is also expanded back to the "original" double LP length.This being the reason I purchased it.As for the the LP itself,it is a great middle period solo guitar effort from a great artist.An amazing player certainly.My personal favorite offering from Mr. Fahey is "Of Rivers and Religion".Check Youtube for a great early television appearance on a Berkeley TV show.As far as The Rolling Stone top 100 guitarists go,it is absurd to compare Fahey to someone in a different genre,say Jimmy Page or Henry Kaiser.Did Manitas De Plata even make the list? Is Rolling Stone one of the greatest magazines of all time? Are they higher or lower than US News And World Report?
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