john coltrane digital??????

i'm wondering what's the best John coltrane music in the digital format?
The Heavyweight Champion - the complete atlantic recordings Box Set. Who would have figured Rhino Records would put so much effort into the sound engineering of this set on Compact Disc.

I actually got it for Xmas 2 years ago, & didn't unseal it for 8 months as I was going to sell it. I would have been very sorry, if I had.

Highly Recommended!
I like the Mobile Fidelity gold version of Giant Steps which is a "classic" I love the tune Naima , another MFSL CD is Blue Train, another gold MFSL CD I like is Ballads and finally Coltrane with Johnny Hartman where his band is wonderful backing Hartman's vocals.
There's a couple of 20 bit recordings out: Living Space and Duke Ellington and John Coltrane. But I've been disappointed with some of the other stuff. For instance, Transitions is not a good transfer. Be careful. I think that there was some rushing to digitalize Coltrane's music. It's hit or miss. Personally, I would stick with NOS vinyl . . .
there are some coltrane SACDs out now and more coming. "Love supreme" is on sacd and it's very good. The mofi 'giant steps' is also great as sternart wrote. the johnny hartman sounds very silky but i'm not crazy about the music.

there are also some japanese 24bit recordings out. they often sound better in my system than the 20 bit but sometimes can be bright. here's a list of 24 bits i know they have because i bought them - all are worth listening to:
live at the village vanguard again
crescent (the 20 bit sounds better to me though) and has more tracks.
africa/brass (same as above)
Love supreme (better on sacd)
thanks guys