John Barry & James Bond Music

Seeing John Barry's Obit, I realized I have 4 James Bond soundtracks on CD, 'Goldfinger', 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', 'You Only Live Twice', and 'Diamonds Are Forever', and they are all composed and conducted by John Barry.

I love these CDs. "You Only Live Twice" is a beautiful song, I dare to say Nancy Sinatra's best work. And od courtse there's Shirley Bassey...

But apart from the familiar opening song the rest of the soundtracks are great! Great music!
yeah they bring back some memories dude.
Big Bond fan here.

I pick up the old soundtracks on vinyl whenever I see them in good shape at reasonable cost. Very nice recordings as a whole! The essence of what vinyl is all about in many ways!

"You Only Live Twice" is maybe my favorite Bond theme also. "All Time High" from the 80's is another.

"Best of Bond" is a very comprehensive Bond's greatest hits disk on CD....good sound here as well!

With the subplot emphasis on good gear and gadgets, I would expect a high correlation between audiophiles and Bond fans?
Barry's music is great. Not only did he do James Bond, but check out Dances With Wolves (CD only as far as I know). Great soundtrack. I've also got the vinyl soundtrack to Walt Disney's The Black Hole, which is classic John Barry.
My Barry soundtrack pick: The Lion in Winter (LP).
"Body Heat" is another good one!
Taking notes.....
"Out of Africa" is a good Barry score also.
Definitely Bond soundtracks are the best ever.
Sad about Barry. :(
The best Bond movie, "From Russia With Love", also has one of the better Bond soundtracks. What is particularly good about it is that you can hear Bond themes like "The 007 Theme" and the "James Bond" theme in their original unadorned versions.

The first film soundtrack, "Dr.No", was more of a Caribbean thing. Perhaps those involved never thought that this would become the biggest cinematic franchise in eternity! Later Bond soundtracks have these themes but they sometimes are dressed-up a bit for each latter film.