Jobsys Integrated vs Peachtree Nova150

Hi everyone, I am new to the audiophile world and in need of some expert advice.  I have a set of Kef LS50, and I am looking into purchasing an integrated amp.  The two that I am interested in is  a Job INT or Peachtree Nova150.  I would like to keep it around $1500.  I like the Job INT(1699 + CA Tax = $1852)  a lot, but it's $400 more than Nova150($1450).  Anyone with these amps, if you could chime in would be great! Also thank you in advance.

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The PeachTree Nova150 arrived, using BCJ 12AWG speaker cables with the Kef LS50s.  Aesthetically looks fantastic, how ever I noticed I have to turn the volume up pretty high to get loud.  Is this normal or is the amp under powered?  Or needs to be broken in?

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