Jobsys Integrated vs Peachtree Nova150

Hi everyone, I am new to the audiophile world and in need of some expert advice.  I have a set of Kef LS50, and I am looking into purchasing an integrated amp.  The two that I am interested in is  a Job INT or Peachtree Nova150.  I would like to keep it around $1500.  I like the Job INT(1699 + CA Tax = $1852)  a lot, but it's $400 more than Nova150($1450).  Anyone with these amps, if you could chime in would be great! Also thank you in advance.

The first thing to note is that the Job INT is made by Goldmund (we’re talking very high end audio) and is a Class AB amp vs the Peachtree which is a Class D amp. Many audiophiles will say that a Class AB amp sounds better, but Class D amps have come a long way and also sound very good. In general, speakers that are designed in Europe (UK), in my view, match better with amps designed in Europe. With that said, I would imagine that the Job maybe a better match for your KEFs. Of course the best thing would be to audition all both amps, but if you had to go blind, personally I would go with the Job and KEF match up. Btw, It a bit more expensive than the Job, but I think you own it to yourself to also check the Hegel H80.  At the end of the day, trust your own ears.
@nycjlee thanks for chiming in.  I ended up pulling the trigger on PT N150 today, couldn't pass up on the deal. Also I purchased the Job INT, but canceled the order because they wanted another $150 for being a California resident.  I've been combing the Internet for the last couple of weeks and read all the reviews and comment on the Job INT.  Long story short, was a little worried about the Job converting analog signal into digital.  Not sure if this is phase I am going through, if in it for the long haul.  Perhaps a Job 225 and preamp down the road.
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