Job Integrated Amp.

Became available a few days ago. Placed my order immediately upon receiving an email from a an employee there. Now I anxiously await.
How much do they cost? Any financial incentive? You should say so one way or the other.
Why are you interested in them?
Could you give a quick overview of what this offers over existing models?
I owned the Job 225 and liked it a lot but ultimately went a different route. Since changing my speakers out and upgrading my DAC I have been thinking about trying the 225 again, maybe picking one up second hand. When I heard the news that an integrated version would be coming out a month or two ago I started emailing the Job people. Not much has been given regarding the specs or features. Its suppose to be like the 225 with, high quality preamp, and DAC. The rest is kind of a blind shot in the dark. No financial incentive lol...if any thing I may be one of the first guani pigs.
Dear JOB customers and followers, hereafter more technical specs about the new JOB INTegrated.
Nominal line voltage: 117 or 234 V (switchable)
Fuse 8A for 110V and 220V
Input voltage range: +/- 10 %
Rated Power Consumption:
IEC 60065, 1/8 Output Power at 8 Ω: 240 W (per unit)
Max Power Consumption:
IEC 60065 at 8 Ω /1% THD: 700 W
FPP at 8 Ω: 190 W
IEC 60065 at 8 Ω / 1 % THD+N: 2 x 175 W
USB device:
- Audio Class 2.0 (no driver required on Mac OS X as of v.10.6.4 nor on
Linux, driver required only for Windows)
- Sample rate up to 384 kHz/Bit depth up to 32
- DSD over PCM capabilities
1 x Toslink Optical or Digital S/PDIF coaxial RCA 75 Ohms
1 x Analog RCA (Left & Right): ADC conversion for DSP correction
2 x output binding posts Left & Right
Voltage input selector
RS232 Command connector
20 Hz - 20 kHz, unloaded: +/- 0.5 dB
THD+N, unloaded: < 0.08 % from 20 Hz to 20 kHz at 30 VRMS output
IMD (SMPTE), unloaded: < 0.02 % before clipping
Inputs terminated with RCA Shorting Caps, unloaded: < 10 µV from 20 Hz to 20 kH
22 kHz measurement bandwidth (flat): > 100 dB
35 dB
220 at 1 kHz, 8 Ω
In case you have any questions please use our email address No technical questions will be answered from this page. Have a nice evening !!
That's very good news.

After the initial hoopla, it went quiet with no news of anyone having received it. You may be one of the first.

Look forward to hearing your initial feedback.
Any news of this integrated yet? Just curious. I bought the PRE2 last year when it came out. Great gear.
Congratulations, Djverne. You must be the first person I know of that has received a unit.

Did you pop open the hood to see if the innards look like that of the Metis 7?

Is the faceplate the same grey colour of your previous 225. From the Job FB page, it appears lighter, almost silver.

Lol this is not a paid add. The amp looks just like the picture posted on the facebook page. A combination of the preamp and the 220 but bigger. The design is very sleek looking and very minimal. I have only been using the toslink connection so far so I can't comment on the USB.

The DAC: This seems to be integrated pretty well. Compared to my much loved Metrum, the built in dac supports the Job's sound signature better. What is the sound signature you might ask...

The Preamp and Amp: Comes with a sleek little remote that only has a mute button and volume up and down. The volume control is very precise and smooth, slow up and slow down. Go up and the volume seems to infinitely get loud and louder. I have been doing a test run with the movie Gravity.
Wow this amp is fast. Bass notes and sounds that are typically found in the subwoofer region are brought to light even on bookshelf speakers. Bass is fast and goes deep but just lacks a little umf in the kick drum region. The sound of the midrange has been changing the last 24 hrs. It started out with a little glare but that is changing and starting to smooth out. It’s open…this guy is open. Turn the volume up and the soundstage expands in every direction.
I just got it confirmed this weekend. The INT does DSD128.

Sounds typically Job, fast and bass "grippy" it seems. You must be one of the first, as they went out like last Friday.

First batch sold out.

Next batch in a month!
Have had the amp running over a week now. Just sat down to listen. the sound signature has smoothed out (warm and textured). This amp is tremendous.
How does it compare to the 225 that you previously owned? Does it sound similar but better or altogether different?
Hello Djverne,

I'm curious about the inputs and dac of the Job Integrated. Is the Job dac good enough to replace a Metrum Octave dac or MDAC?
Does the Job Integrated do a AD-DA conversion on the analog input?
If so it would do a second AD-DA conversion on an input from an external dac. That would not be favorable. It would make an external dac a no-go.
Jaaptina, the analog input is digitised. It is converted into digital for DSP purposes, then converted into analog again before amplification. Job does not say what the DSP does.

The innards of the Job are similar to the Mimesis 7 which is, in turn, based on the Telos 360.
The sound is very similar to the 225. The preamp I used with that was better, but this is pretty dang good. For the last week and half had the amp powering a pair of desktop speakers. On Wednesday I'll move it back into my living room to see how it sounds now that everything has smoothed out.
The integrated dac is as good as it gets for an integrated under $1700.

The analog inputs: a little is lost when using them and using an external dac/it's still very solid and dynamic though. The metrum with it's rolled off highs does a little disservice to the speed at which the Job renders high frequency/which changes some of the aspects of spatial recognition and timing in the large open sound-stage the amp creates.
Would it be correct to say though that the internal DAC may be better than the Metrum?

Therefore, digital source => Job would sound better than digital source => Metrum DAC => Job?

As such, it may be possible that a better DAC through the analog input would sound better, assuming that the AD/DA section of the Job is relatively transparent. After all, Goldmund equips its pre-amps with digital outputs for use with the Telos 360 etc amps so the DA section must be up to scratch, one would think.
nothing is as transparent as the allmighty Light Speed Attenuator lol..not for under 15 grand at least/so i have heard.

The Metrum has more texture/thick bass aka thump
I almost pulled the trigger on the INTegrated. The thought of digitizing my vinyl turned me off though. Had a 225, foolishly sold it. Now I'm picking up a used 225 at FedEx this afternoon....(hee hee). I have a Tortuga LDR on order. I'm sure the INTegrated sounds sweet.
I´m also tempted to pull the trigger but still hesitating a bit.

Personally I wouldn´t need any other inputs than the ones which come with the DAC (USB, Toslink, SPDIF).

Therefore I´m keen to get some more information about the DAC.

@ Djverne: do you know by chance what kind of DAC is used in the INT?
And are you regretting that you don´t have your JOB/Pre/DAC combo anymore (soundwise compared to the INT)?
Aussie user review.
You already know through your own personal past experience with the 225 and the rave reviews that continue to come in world wide that the Job is a no brainer. Congratulations on your worth while investment!
Now 6moons speaks highly of the integrated dac and comparing it to the Metrum Hex my Job INTegrated is on it's way! 
What I don't get is, Srajean said when fed a digital signal, the INTegrated is just as good as a Metrum Hex, passive pre, and the 225. In some ways, better. 
I have the Hex, Tortuga LDR passive and the 225.
Now, I'm no scientist or engineer, but common sense tells me you can't beat the laws of physics. How can a 3 in 1 which shares the same power supply for everything, be better than the 3 pieces mentioned? Ok, shorter signal paths and other benefits, etc. 
It just doesn't make sense.
Actually hoping Srajean chimes in here, which he has done in the past.
Delivery is on thursday 14/1/16. Burn in will follow. Then  I'll compare Metrum Octave + Sonneteer Alabaster to the INTegrated. 

A few weeks ago I had a Rega Elex-R to compare with the Alabaster. The Rega didn't have the advantage. The Alabasters seems to be the quickest of them both. 

I have hopes for the INTegrated. But I don't know what to expect.

@devilboy yes shorter signal paths and gear that's optimized to work together also, you can't discount that. Not to mention, sometimes stuff just sounds better than other stuff common sense or laws of physics be damned! ;)
How quiet is the INT? The nice thing of using a passive like the Tortuga with the 225 is the quiet background. I've never owned an integrated so I'm not familiar if the built in preamp section is typically passive or active.

I loved the sound of the 225 so this all in one with what appears to have a great dac section as well looks really appealing...
The preamp section of the INT is active but the biggest turnoff for me is its digital volume control. Plus, I believe it only has one input. Even if it had two inputs, the thought of digitizing my vinyl is a deal breaker for me. 
Personally. I think It would be redundant to use an outboard dac with the INT. So if somone wants to simplify or sell everything off, then this seems like the best 3 in 1 on the market today (at a reasonable price anyway). 
I just find it very difficult to believe that it will be just as good as the Hex, Tortuga, 225 separates.
Happy with the Job INT between Pioneer N-30 streamer and Penaudio Cenya speakers. Any one else got the INT at home?
Yup I just got the Job Integrated- actually from Jeff who wrote about it on the Stereonet site. We tested it on old SF Electra Amator 1 fed by Ayon CD 3S against the Rogers EHF-200(2). The reviews are correct the analogue inputs lose a lot but fed direct from digital out to coax in was very very good even against the much more expensive Rogers. No glare or steely sound in highs and bass is tight. The magic is in the soundstage and midrange where it lights from within - here it actually bested the Rogers though overall the Rogers is a tad cleaner, more open and even-handed across the sound spectrum. Actually my intention is to use it in another system of Rega Planet 2000 CD, Boenicke W5SE speakers - so will report back after that. There is no way for this money one could be disappointed. The 6 moons review - when is that guy going to learn to write for the average person and not a group of hippies? - is a tad biased but generally speaking correct. If you buy the unit use the digital input!!

I just put an order in for the INTegrated.  We'll see how it stacks up against my separates.

Very interested in continuing to read feedback on the INT.  Looks promising to use for a bedroom setup paired with my ModWright Oppo 105. 
Would be interested in hearing experiences users have had with the analogue in.

Is the signal altered enough to rule it out?
Is this a 'non-turntable' integrated?
Apologies have still to setup in my other system. As I said above the differences in inputs was significant in my system but I won't be using a turntable anyway…..hope you get some answers

My INT arrived and is burning in on the floor with a cdp on repeat.
I will compare it to my current setup: Metrum Hex, Tortuga LDR passive and Job 225. Interconnects are Hidiamond D9 and D4.  
I'm also demoing a John Hillig modified Hafler dh200 from Musical Concepts.
Stay tuned.....
Very good, another comparison with a Metrum Hex!
I've settled with the Job INT and sold my Sonneteer Alabaster and Metrum Octave. Especially when playing softly I think the INT is more pronounced as the Sonneteer. I like it.

Wanted to chime in to see how anyone that has the Job Integrated feels about it. I think I was one of the first that had it but had to sell it : (
Hello, has anyone been able to compare the Job INT with the Metis 7 side by side ?

Good question, zizione.
Also, I haven't forgotten about this thread. I will post my comparisons of the INT vs Hex, Tortuga and 225 soon.
Hello everyone - I am quite interested in the Job INT to drive my ATC SCM19s but it is still very hard to find detailed information / feedback.

Of course there is the amazing review from 6moons but - to me at least - it is too good to be true... And I have read everything I could find on and

Devilboy, any news on your comparisons?

Anyone else who bought the INT and could provide feedback? Anything with ATCs would of course be particularly helpful.

Thanks a lot!
Okay, let me try this one more time. For some reason audiogon isn't allowing me to type a response on my computer so I have to do it via cell phone. Forgive me in advance for any grammatical errors as I do not feel like going back in correcting my phone's spell check. I simply don't have the patience for it. I have a lot to say regarding the similarities and differences between the job integrated and the separates I used to own. I will not go in-depth as much as I would like because again, this is from a phone. If anyone has any questions, you can p.m. me

Let me say first that I don't want to over inflate the INT (going forward, I will refer to the INT as the "integrated" ....again, the spell check on my phone), to this Almighty giant killer. You may listen to it and disagree with my over-enthusiastic opinion. The integrated was fed digital via my Audiophellio 2 sub/spdif converter with outboard power supply. I still have not tried going directly into the integrated via USB. I was more concerned about comparisons to the separates, not so much the A2 vs. The integrated's USB input. All of my impressions are versus the Metrum hex, Tortuga passive preamp, job 225, and between them all were the high diamond D9 and D7 interconnects. So we have $1,700 up against $9,500 ish if you include two power cords versus just one for the integrated. I put about 300 hours on the integrated before writing this message.

I must say, I missed nothing of the separates. Not one bit actually. When I first listened critically I was actually looking for a flaw Kama something to say, the separates do this or that, better. But no, in fact I think the integrated has more air and is more open than the separates. This was my number one concern about going this route. I even emailed Srajan telling him of my concern regarding this. He basically told me I needn't worry. I've sent emailed him again which he has posted on his letters feedback page, telling him I stand corrected. I simply don't understand how this three in one piece has more air and transparency then the separates. And that's not the only thing, I think the integrated is somehow more articulate in the mid-range and bass. It has that same job attack, which I love. Highs are extremely detailed, and like Srajan said in his review, the integrated is actually warmer and more mellow than said separates.

I'm shaking my head as to how this is possible, especially considering the price. The integrated has three sections sharing one power supply. I have been in this for a while and have spent an enormous amount of money over 20 years so let's face it, $1,700 isn't much in this madness we are in. Even if and I mean IF the separates were slightly better than the integrated, I would still keep the integrated and sell off everything else for two reasons. Number one, I cannot justify the price difference. Number too, this system is so simple now. Less crap and clutter.

So, money aside, I still prefer the INT  over the separates. It's warmer, more articulate, more Airy and open (this still baffles me), and I was able to sell off my other stuff and get money back.
I'm going to change my component list and pictures in my "virtual system" soon, just have to get time. 
I sold off so much stuff going to the INT that I actually have room in my rack for my tv's cable box. 
GASP!.....non audio related components in an audio rack?........Sacrilege.
Impressive! So the six moons review wasn't just an anomaly.

Integrating components is definitely a growing trend and,  let's face it, makes a lot of sense. So much money is wasted on box bling and additional cabling and manufacturers might actually know a thing or two about matching pre and power amp sections (or amps and drivers in the case of dynamic speakers).

I'll be getting an INTegrated soon then, and will try not to worry about DAC-upgraditis for a few years. Thanks @devilboy !