Job 225 + DAC vs. Job INT Integrated

Hi everyone,
Been lurking for a while but this is my first post. I currently have a Schiit Yggdrasil DAC as part of my headphone setup and am looking to get a good set of speakers and amp. The Job 225 seems very well regarded here and reading through the INT thread it seems to be from similar DNA. A few users report that the INT holds its own against their separates but i just can’t imagine another DAC touching the Yggdrasil (in my price bracket), let alone one that is part of an integrated unit.
As the 225 and INT are the same price, what should i be looking at here? If I get the 225 ill still need a passive pre / volume control coming from the Yggy, if i get the INT ill be bypassing my DAC which has a sound i really enjoy.
I guess what I’m asking here is, will the INT be surpassed by a great DAC and Pre into the 225? Both setups will cost me the same (ill get a bit more location flexibility with the INT though).

Speakers vary but at the moment I’m using B&W 684’s, nothing fancy.
EDIT: Just realised I should have posted this in the dedicated Job thread so I've X-posted.