Joanne Shaw Taylor "The Dirty Truth"

"The Dirty Truth" is the new album by virtuoso blues/rock guitarist Joanne Shaw Taylor.

I had never heard of her until a few years ago, someone on here recommended her album "White Sugar" and I fell in love.

She was discovered by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics at the age of just 16.

I have since gotten all of her albums and IMHO, this one's the best so far.

Not only can she play a mean guitar, but she sings quite well too. She sounds a lot like Bonnie Raitt and Melissa Etheridge, with that deep, husky type voice.

One of my top 5 albums for 2014. Highly recommended, A+++
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Thanks for the heads up Mofi. Would you describe her as blues rock or blues? Personally, I like my blues more in the traditional vein.

I've recently picked up Kara Grainger, "Shiver and Sigh" She a young Aussie female guitar and vocalist, very easy on the eyes. She's reasonably bluesy but not hard core. The album is good and shows a lot of potential.

I really like Kelly Hunt. She's got a number of albums out and her latest "The Beautiful Bones" is really good. She sings and plays piano. The music is a mix of Blues, Gospel and Soul, which I love. She writes most of her material and her songs are uplifting and positive, which is a nice change.

I'd recommend checking out "Inspiration", A New Shade of Blue" or the new one for starters, but I like all her albums.
Mofi, I guess you answered my question in the first sentence of your post. I'm getting old, what can I say?
Tom...thanks for the recommendation for Kara Grainger and Kelly Hunt. Tidal has (2) albums by Kara, but nothing from Kelly. I'll have to look for her elsewhere.
I will check out the Joanne Shaw Taylor CD.

Have you heard of Chastity Brown? Just saw a program about her on local TV because she's currently living in Minneapolis. Thought she was quite a good blues singer. Think I'll check her out as well.
I also had her on my radar a couple of years ago. At that time there was no vinyl. Now?
For those who like their blues rock with the emphasis on rock, you might like Sena Ehrhardt (that's the correct spelling) "Live My Life".

Also you might be interested in Blues Music Magazine. It's published by guys who worked at Blues Revue before it crashed and burned. They've gotten four issues out so far and are worth supporting if you like the blues. Lots of blues albums are reviewed each issue with downloads of tracks from some of those albums. I can't promise they will make it long term but here's their website if you are interested: