Joan Shelley

I’ve never complained about music from Joan Shelley. Never. I have purchased her vinyl only recordings (a record day special last year) and waited patiently for each new cd release.

So, what’s up with this Bandcamp only recording?

Joan Shelley - "Coming Down For You"
(Live at The Bomhard)

For those who don’t know of Joan here’s some info....

Joan Shelley (born in 1985) is an American folk musician from Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

Shelley has a released a number of studio recordings. Her second album, Ginko, and third album Farthest Field (with Daniel Martin Moore) were released in 2012 on Ol Kentuck.[1] In 2014, Shelley released her fourth album, Electric Ursa, on No Quarter Records.[2][3][4] In 2015, Shelley released her fifth album, Over and Even, on No Quarter.[5][6] In 2017, Shelley released her eponymous sixth album.[7][8][9] Her seventh album, Like the River Loves the Sea, was released in 2019.[10]

Still drawing a blank? Well have a listen to a few of her songs (mind your toes, they are prone to tap during these videos)

Joan Shelley with Nathan Salsburg - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Pumphouse (S02E06) Joan Shelley - Not Over By Half @Pickathon 2015

Joan Shelley II Gladden House Sessions 2016

SO - why is this only being released on Bandcamp? I’ve just purchased my copy. Any thoughts?
I like Joan and my last lp by her, Electric Ursa, I love. Just not up to date as you are bro.
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