Joan Armatrading

Thought I would turn some on to a great album "Into The Blues". This is not a traditional blues album but is very unique. Nobody I have ever heard sounds like her. Lately I have been on quests to discover unique music. Give this a listen. Phil Brady.
"Love and Affection" from her self titled first album, over thirty years ago, is just a great song and the whole album stands the test of time.
Not Joan...but if you like Joan & something a bit different...and very well recorded, try 900 Miles by Bethany & Rufus.
I've always loved her singing and songwriting, but the new record shows that she can also play a litle guitar. I agree with you, Phil, a wonderful record.

If you like Joan you will probably also like Tracy Chapman and Edie Brickell, as well as Suzanne Vega and Marti Jones. All are good recordings as well.