JMW9/Dynavector 17D2 setup

Just recieved my Scout back from VPI after having it upgraded to the Scoutmaster. Took advantage of the time to also upgrade my cart to the Dynavector 17D2 from the 20X.

Kept the armwand so I could mount the new cart and sent the table straight to VPI. Table came back without the tonearm base assembly and cable junction box. Contacted them, and they sent one out. Essentially a new table.

Now the problem: I CANNOT get this thing dialed in to save my life. After putting everything together again, and trying to set VTF, even with the counterweight pushed as far forward as it would go (all the way to the ends of the threads up against the pivot), I still could not get more than 1g on it (using the Shure stylus gauge). I rotated the ring on the wand pivot (the ring with one flat side) to face the rear rather than the front. This at least allowed me to lock in the correct VTF.

Now no amount of twisting, adjusting can get the anti-skate set to keep the cart from skittering across the disc. Test playback sounds like (insert adjective here). Distorted, jumpy, static, all things evil. It almost sounds to me as if the stylus tip is off the canteliever. Something is not right with the whole setup. I had no trouble with setting up the original Scout and arm, so it's not like I am clueless about what should be going on. This has me bamboozled though. I've checked the sylus under a magnefying glass, but as things are so small and my eyesight up close is awful, I can't even see the stylus tip. Chances are more than likely I would have snapped the canteliever off before knocking the stylus off. Canteliever looks intact and OK.

Any ideas thoughts or things to look at would be really helpful.

This whole upgrade has been a comedy of errors on a number of fronts, and NOT just on my part.
The Karat is a light cartridge (less than 5g, IIRC)- you either need a lighter counterweight or to add some weight to the headshell. My Karat came with a small weight, shaped to fit between the cartridge and headshell, and held in place with the screws. Check your packaging - maybe yours did also.

Joe, You need a lighter counterweight due to the diff in cart weight.Call VPI and they will exchange the one you have for a nice drop lightweight( they took my reg. weight and exchanged at N/C!!)Give them a call back and they will send it out pronto.

Now. You have played with the azimuth ring and you must turn it back facing forward so that it brings the cart back to proper balance side to side. As it will not have anything sounding good like that. It is designed to face forward or slightly off center only enough to bring the arm's headshell into true parallel with the platter.
The problem is only the counterweight..As a temp fix, just add some washers under the mount screws..Should be able to get more VTF like that

Ken and JB,
Thanks for the advice. I fully intended on swing the azimuth ring back around but wanted to make sure I could dial in the VTF. I'll let you know the results of your advice.
A little late coming into this but on my Scout I am using this cartridge...2 #6 brass washers under the mounting screws and I am tracking at 2.0g right now. Even have room to spare with the dropped counter weight on the arm.
Update: Turns out the 17D was sans stylus! The dealer was in touch with the distributor and they are sending me a new one. Great customer service! In the meantime, I picked up a Denon 103 and have been enjoying it a great deal.

The 17D is due tomorrow so I am looking forward to using it as well. May even pick up another arm wand and keep them both mounted....
Wow, still churning on this after two months! Glad to hear things are finally working out. I have a feeling once you get the new Karat installed all the troubles will have been worth it.