JMW 12.5 set up

Has anybody been down the track of using a Feickert Protractor to set up a JMW12.5 arm on a TNT?

I'm trying to find the correct distance for pivot to spindle and pivot to stylus.

I've found various sets of figures for 12" arms, but nothing specific for a JMW12.5.

I have used the supplied JMW jig, but being the adjustable version there's no way of knowing what's the correct setting. And being a second hand purchase I have to assume the arm and probably the jig have been adjusted over the years.

Any help would be appreciated.

I don't understand your confusion with the VPI jig. It may be adjustable, but if you follow the directions it will work just fine for the 12.5. Slip the guage over the spindle and adjust the length until the V fits around the arm bearing cup. Put the arm wand back on and align the cartidge with the grid.
Hi Rsrex - Yes, but I'm trying to establish the correct distance the pivot should be from the spindle. I've found various numbers published, from 297mm to 302mm, but maybe I'm unnecessarily complicating the issue?
Have you called VPI?
Have emailed. Time differences in Australia create a bit of a phone barrier.

I'll post VPI's reply. Thanks for your responses.
I have used the 9 Sig and the 10.5i with the VPI protractors, have checked it with the DB protractor, and it was exactly correct.
Hi All - Passing on info from VPI. They suggest Pivot to Spindle distance should be set at 299mm to 301mm
can you advise where you got the pivot to spindle distnace information from?