JMR Twins vs. SF Concertinos vs. Spendor 3/5

I don't have the luxury of auditioning all three, unfortunately. any thoughts?
I haven't heard the others side by side, but I LOVE my twins. They continue to astound and sooth me night after night (OK, no jokes). Such a great speaker for the mid $500 range used!

I had them set up next to a pair of floorstanders once. My house guests all assumed the sound was from the "big" speakers. When they realized it was those little speakers they were hearing they about plotzed.

I listened to the Spendor 3/5 and the SF Concertinos in different stores, but in pretty similar rooms and both set up pretty well. I end up buying the Spendors.

The Spendors were a little smoother. Both imaged well, but the Spendors seemed more natural and the sound more "there." While both speakers do not have much bass below 70's, I felt the Spendors bass did not drop off as fast as the SF. This helps the Spendors to sound fuller - IMHO