JMLab Utopia and Watt/Puppy 7.0 Comparsion

I am trying to find the pros and cons of these speakers, can anyone help ?
I am not a big Utopia fan. I find them a bit on the lifeless sounding side. I have heard them with everything from low powered tubes to huge powerful solid state amplifiers.

The Watt Puppy 7's on the other hand are a much different beast. They are wonderfully dynamic and fairly low in distorion. Although they really sing with quite a bit of power, they do play quite well with the lower powered stuff. The drawback with the Wilson speakers has been cohesiveness and musicality. If you are looking for a very impressive sound to show off to your friends, this is a wonderful speaker for those purposes. Long term listening always leaves me with the feeling that the lower midrange is too bloaty and I always feel like I want to mess with the setup.

If your choice is only between those two speakers, I would highly suggest the Watt / Puppies (by a wide margin).
me too,i would highly suggest the watt/puppies(by a wide margin)
I beg to differ slightly. My Wilson experience tallies with Jtinn's on all accounts. But I have heard the Utopia come alive with YBA Passion electronics. The latter are surely not a unique choice... but the speakers lost the lifeless precision (as Jtinn notes) and started dancing.
Only, I wasn't emotionally transported by the music either of these speakers produced -- objectively excellent as they may be, and there's no doubt in my mind that they are top-class...
Note: the room was large in both cases, there were dedicated lines, transparent & valhalla cables, I usually judge by classical, the Wilson electronics were the big Krells (pre + 500-600? never remember).
I am biased I live with Utopias but I auditioned both the watts and JM before buying.The wilsons are very dynamic and"spectacular" but I found them irritating and causing fatigue.The Utopia I auditioned with Boulder amps sounded great. I now drive them with the GryphonSignature Antileon and they are alive dynamic and provide a very rich non fatiguing sound.I listen to primarily classical music.
I never heard the Puppy 7 but heard the previous model... The sound was VERY dynamic (very in your face sound) but I couldn't listen to them for more than 30 minutes at a time... In my opinion, the puppies are very fatiguing. On the other hand, the Utopias were more delicate. They sounded more laid back (compared to the Wilsons). I auditionned both speaker sets with the same equipment (Classe Omega amplification with Wadia 861X CDP).

I guess it comes down to which coloration you prefer.

If I had a choice, I would go for the Utopias.

Note: I don't own any of this equipment...