JMlab Utopia Alto vs Wilson Sophia vs Revel Studio

I am considering pairing the JMLab Utopia Alto Be's with SImaudio Moon P-5/W-5/NOVA preamp, amp, and CDP. I have listened repeatedly and love the system. I just wonder whether it is a bit too refined for rock.

However, before I commit to that kind of cash for the speakers, I want to some other well reviewed speakers. However, locally I don't have a Wilson Audio or Revel dealer. In fact, there probably isn't one less than 800 air miles. But, I travel a lot.

How would anyone compare the Alto to the Wilson Sophia or the Revel Ultima Studio. What are the pluses and minuses of these various speakers. Does anyone have any experience with direct comparisons. WHat about synergies with the Simaudio equipment ? I wll probably get a chance to listen to the WIlson and Revel next month on the road.

As a reference I listen primarily to rock: lately a lot of British rock: Radiohead, Coldplay, Travis, Muse, Starsailor, along with U2, R.E.M., Beck, Ryan Adams, Strokes, White Stripes plus a lot of female artists: Natalie Merchant, PJ Harvey, Aimee Mann, Norah Jones, Sarah MacLauglhin
Just before I purchased my speakers I went to Sound by Singer to reference the JmlabMicro BEs. Before I left I gave the Altos a pretty good listen. Wasn't that impressed with the bottom end. Great speakers,, but very costly. I thought they were over priced, and looking back, my speakers, though just tiny little monitors, (Harmonic Precision, Caravelles) gave those big Altos a run for their money. Sure made me feel good about my eventual purchase. For what the Altos cost, I want to be blown out of my chair. It was a short listening experience, though. go figure. peace, warren
Perhaps, the fact that it was a short listening period is key. The beauty of the Alto, which I feel is extremely musical, is that it doesn't bring attention to any one element ... just the music. So maybe the fact that the bass didn't hit you in the face was important for long-term enjoyment. These speakers will never be fatiguing, but will not knock the socks off your friends especially after they hear the price. Like a huge electrostatic panel, I find their is a disconnect between their physical presence and amazing transparency. I was listening to the White Stripes on them on Saturday and felt they could certainly rock. but perhaps a big American speaker would be more appropriate ???
You're probably right, but I couldn't help think that $17k was just a heck of a lot of money for sound that just didn't have the deep extension I love. The speaker was absolutely superb in every other way. I suppose, after listening to the Micros for 45 minutes, and then with a sub (last 15 minutes); I was impressed, but not enough to go with spending $17K on those big boys. Don't have the room, anyway. warren
in terms of sound, i have the studios and i would characterize it as a very "lively" and "direct" speaker. there is nothing liad back about its sound. this is not a bad thing. in fact that is why i purchased it.
i listened to the wilsons and jm's prior to my purchase. the jm's were a close second but the bass and overall dynamics were just lagging behind the revels. especially for the price! i felt like i was being robbed.
however, the integration of the mids and highs was amazing.
i put the wilsons last.- they were just too laid back for me.
just my thoughts
good luck
For the music you prefer, i'd definitely go with Revel. Tighter bass than in Sophia (somewhat bloated mid/bass adds to the warm character). However i wouldn't be sure that Revel/Moon would be a perfect match. Your first impression with JmLab is for the reason: Great integration between two differently voiced components.
i have actually heard the studios with moon equipment and i have got to say- i really like the sound.
i mean, it does not have the synergy one finds with our levinson gear but it sounds really good imho.
just my thoughts.
i completely agree with Kkursula about the wilsons, the bass is a little "blown up" for my taste.