JMLab Mini Utopia or Meadowlark Blue Herons

I have heard the Mini Utopias and like them but have been curious about the Blue Herons but have not been able to listen to them. I am an apartment dweller and run all tubes (110w mono blocks). Due to circumstances I wont get into, my choice is basically between the Mini's and Blue Herons. The Blue Herons got a very good review by Anyone made a comparison? Highend, mids and bass. Now I'm sure the bass is more 'there' with the Blue Herons, but if thats the only aspect that the Blue Herons do better, would the mini's with a sub be better.....
i would rather have the mini utopias than even the huge meadowlarks. i think the minis are way beyond the others you mentioned. i am sure that the owners of meadowlarks will now raise cane and say i am deaf, but that is my opinion. i think you will find you probaly will not need a sub either. the minis have great bass for a bookshelf. good luck and keep us informed.
I have not heard the Meadowlarks, but I don't think you could go wrong with the Mini Utes. JM labs has some of the fastest most dynamic drivers at somewhat resonable prices.

Good Luck
I had the opportunity to hear the JM Lab mini and the Meadowlark Shearwater-Hot Rod side by side.

IMHO, there was no comparison. The mini's excelled by a huge margin in every respect. However, I have not heard the Blue Herons.

Best of luck,
I have heard almost the entire Meadowlark and JM Lab Utopia line. Here are my thoughts. In the Meadowlark line, I like the Kestrals (for the money), Blue Herons, and the Nightingales. The flavor of the Utopia line is more consistent. With that said, I would choose the Blue Herons over the Utopia's. While the Utopia may hold the edge in bass depth and dynamics down low, the Blue Herons have the best tweeter I have ever hear. The top end is simply glorious and the midrange isnt too far behind. I am a big fan of the Audax aerogel midrange. Also, the BH's cast a soundstage that is unbelievable. To me the Blue Heron is a giant killer, but YMMV. While I dont own the BH's I could easily live with them forever. Try to contact Goldman Audio in CT. Jonathan is one of the nicest dealers I have ever done business with and he also happens to be a Meadowlark dealer.