JMLab Micro Utopia vs Meadowlark Blue Heron

I've heard the JM Lab and find the top end very impressive but am concerned about fatique - any experience? And, I've not heard the Blue Heron and am wondering how its Gas Piezo tweeter stacks up against the Focal tweeter? Is one perhaps less fatiquing than the other.....any help here?
(I'm currently running all tubes through the chain)
the jm lab is high end at its best. meadowlark is midfi in comparison.
Tell you what, want a nonfatiguing speaker and just the best sound you could ever wish for--Green Mountain Audio, the Continuum 2.0. Wow, talk about a speaker. So good it's unbelievable. I never worry about sound anymore. I never even think about another speaker. I've been saved. Finally, something I don't worry about or wish I had something better.
Call Roy and ask about them 1-719-636-2500--he's simply the nicest guy in the world and will help you sort through this decision of yours even if you don't buy from him...that's the kind of guy he is.
Good luck.
I have owned and heard several meadowlark speakers and none are bright and this is from someone who is very sensitive to bright and does not like it. I can't compare it to the Utopia as I haven't heard them. No part of the Meadowlark line sounds midfi in my opinion.
I agree with Phill23. Meadowlark spkrs have NOTHING to do with midfi. Can't comment on the JM stuff-let your ears be the judge. Good luck.
I have listened to many a Meadowlark at my dealers: Shearwater Hot Rods, Heron-i, Nightingales ... they are all fantastic speakers.

Pat McGinty does not skimp on anything: premium drivers, premium cross-over components, first-order time-coherent design, very sold cabinet, transmission line cabinet, premium wood veneers. The Heron also has "tunable" bass response. Be sure to audition these if you can, as you will hear that they are not mid-fi by any means.

Visit Meadowlarks's web-site
Each speaker has an interesting technical description as to its design execution.
i heard the 22k meadowlarks and the 5500 dollar ones and the small 2k ones today. i still think their are a hell of alot of speakers i would buy over them. and spend less money. tht 5500 dollar one sounded just as good as the 22k one. i think the 5500 dollar one i think the herron should retail about 2500. just my opinon. as with 22k hell the amatis by sonus look and sound alot better. sound lab m1s,2s,3s are alot less but superior. marton logan prodigys, and the cheaper logans are better. the list goes on. avolon , jm lab, b&w need i say more.