JMLab Micro Utopia Be vs Dynaudio Special 25

I've heard both of these speakers, but in very different rooms with very different equipment. I don't have the ability to audition both of these in the same room, so I'm asking for some opinions about these two speakers. Fire away!
(No need to mention the Caravelles, I've already considered it)
I gave the Jmlab Micros a very long audition. Loved them. Weak in the bottom. Must have a sub. In fact, at Singersound where I listened, they were gently nudging me to listen with a sub, but I wanted to hear just the Micros. They were, up 'til then, the best darn monitors I had ever heard, hands down. With stands and the required sub, you can get way up there in $$. I thought they were overpriced, but then again, I feel all the Jmlab products are.
The JM's are nice but very mechanical sounding to me. I would choose the Dynaudios hands down. Make sure you have plenty of power though as they are hungry as the JM Labs are quite the opposite! Good Luck!

are they better than the caravelle?
No they were not better than the Caravelle. Really, the Micros were not even close. The Caravelles stood up nicely against the Altos. The Caravelles, though a little pricey for monitors, are a bargain, considering the cost of the Micros, plus the subwoofer that is a must.

sorry for the mistake. I liked the Caravelles MUCH more than the Micros. Can't believe I made that mistake
go to That is the website for Starsound Technologies. Harmonic Precision is a sub division. They make their electronics and speakers. The Caravelle has just been introduced not more than a month ago. You can get all the info you'll need from their website. My reivew on the Caravelles is in the archives. It'll give you a good idea what you're in for.... peace, warren
Stop talking about the Caravelles. This thread is about Dynaudio speakers and JM labs speakers - two speakers that I care about. The caravelles I do not, and neither do many of us. Everybody is sick of you hijacking threads.

To answer your question - I've recently auditioned both, and they both are fantastic speakers. However, I chose the Dynaudio hands down. The sound was much closer to full range, and the dynamics were in spades. The sense of air and soundstage these speakers created was breathtaking. The tweeter was every bit as good as the new be tweeter. I actually preferred the Dyn tweeter.

Lookswise, I think the JM labs look kind of silly, but in a cool way. The Dynaudios are plain on first glimpse, but on closer inspection and over time, they become very attractive - especially due to the fine + detailed wood craftmanship.

Hey Todd, lighten up my man. This is the nature of the audiogon beast. I answered the original question and spoke about my impressions on my audition of the Jmlabs Micro BEs. If someone asks a question off the topic, do we ignore them? Hi-jack this thread? Come on Todd. Never saw this before? I've been there before, the thread going awry, taking on a life of its' own. It's what happens. peace, man
Reading up on other threads that you've started (remember this is not YOUR thread) with some very interesting questions, I see that many audiogoners have not answered your specific questions yet you respond, quite jubilantly, with "thanks for your responses." I'm a bit confused by your previous remark, since you're not the one asking the question. It appears that you may have some hidden anger, (or agenda) about the Caravelles. Care to explain? You can email me on the side if you do not want to "hi-jack" this thread. peace, warren


If it matters to you, keep it up. I've started threads about product X and Y only to have someone bring up product Z which I had never heard of.

The more information and opinions, the better informed we can be ... which is the point of an open forum.
What are Caravelles, I have never heard a word about those
speakers until today.
I've been the proud owner of the Utopia BE's for a few months now, and I'm one happy Mofo! Do not..., repeat "do not", judge these transducers right out of the box. Once broken-in and mounted on sturdy stands, they will astound and mesmerize you with their exceptional transparency and mind-blowing accuracy! You will shake your head in disbelief once you've heard what those beryllium tweeters can do! Ethereal and grain-free highs that extend to kingdom-come! Wow...! One venerable British reviewer aptly desribed them as "Pocket Electrotatics"! For your info, I listened to the following speakers before settling for the BE's: SF Cremona Auditor; B&W N805 Signatures, Reference 3A MM Da Capo i's; Legend Audio Monitors, etc.. I have not heard the Caravelles and cannot comment on their perfomance compared to the BE's. Based on looks: Micro BE = Britney Spears; Caravelle = Dionne Warwick!
Read the prevsious threads and you'll get the scoop about the Caravelles. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, Aisip. It all comes down to the sound. I have heard a well broken in pair of Micro BEs. You have not. So I know something that you don't about a pair of Dionne Warwicks. Britney needs quite a bit of help with her bottom end. More $$ to consider when purchasing, already, pricey speakers. Like I said before: the Altos are a much better comparison for the Caravelles. I heard those as well, but not for the length of time of the BEs. Also, the stands to the Caravelles are phenominal. happy listening, warren