JMLab Mezzo Utopia VS Verity Audio Parsifal

I would like to know if someone has been able to compare these 2 speakers. I am tempted to purchase one of them but would need more info about differences to make the best decision.

My biggest concern is that I moved in a loft and my listening room is a big open space: 30 X 20 X 11 (concrete ceiling).

I am listening to all kinds of music: classical, jazz, pop, electronic, etc.

Actual equipment: Aero Capitole CD player + Amplifier YBA 1 + YBA Diamond cables.

Thanks all for your help.
My first gut reaction would be that a 600sq foot room may be pushing the limit of the Parsifal...The JM Lab may be better suited for that large an area....Being a Kharma guy I would think Kharma would be great with that big open space.....
I also think the JM Lab would be a better choice for a larger room. I have not heard the Parsifal but I have heard the Fideleo and while it is a great speaker I think the Mezzo Utopia would give you better bass.
I'd also recommend the JMLab. For the same reasons...
I am just the person used these 2 speakers.
My description is that Mezzo Utopia is more like a
full-range football star, brilliant and rich, mid is
best above all. But a bit too "full" in Mid sometimes.

Parsifal ( encore - I use, not Ovation ) is more like
a full-course scholar, detailed in all aspect, low range
may be a little muddy if used backward-facing, and not
more than 60 inches ( tweeter front measured to back wall )

If you like sweet, detailed, fine & rich, more relaxing
Parsifal will be your choice. I have not regreted having sold
the JM and still keeping the P/E for more than 3 years now.

( But the factory provided Jumper from Verity is actually not matching the speakers , I upgraded the jumpers with
Siltech emperor G6 Satt Version and enjoyed the old
"Encore" even more than the Ovation's I listened at
showroom and one of my friend's house ( even he claimed
his Ovation with factory jumpers are not sounding as good
as my " encore " with siltech Emperor's.