JMLAB Electra's

If anyone has ever auditioned this line from JMlab I would like to have your input on the performance of this speaker. As I am not able to find a dealer in my area that carries this line from JMlab's. Speaker that I am considering is the 936 and will be ran with mono amps.
I heard the Electra's various times and they are dynamic on HT. They are o.k. for Audio but more on the HiFi side.

I was in the same boat a few months ago. I have auditioned the 906, 926 and 936 as well as the Utopia Micro and Mini. I ended up with a pair of near new Mini Utopia's through Audiogon. Even if I got the 936's I knew I would end up with a sub since as I recall the bass response only went to 35hz. Also, I couldn't find a used pair of 936's and didn't want to take the depreciation hit. The Mini's have everything I was looking for in a speaker with the exception of the bass response below 50hz. They do have a solid foundation down to their lower limits and to be honest I haven't missed the lower frequencies that much. I feel they are superior to the 936's in every area except the bass. The next question is which sub to get.