JMlab Electra 907be

Hi all,

Interested in this speaker however no dealers in my city.

Has anyone listened/ own these ? Will replace Dynaudio 1.3SE'S and will be driven by Krell 400xi Intergtated amp.


Funny this would come up. I was in Atlanta on business this week and happened to drop in Evolution in Duluth, who had a pair of these set up. Of course the source, amplification, and cabling equipment wer all different from mine and the speakers may not have been set up properly for the room, but I didn't think that they sounded appreciably better than my Mission 775's. At least not nearly enough better to warrant any serious consideration of spending that much money to get them. My recent past experience would tell me that, for the money, Thiel speakers sound much better to my ear. As always, I would encourage you to try to listen to the Electra's and audition them in your system. This is the only way for you to know for sure.