JMLab Cobalt 810s, match w/JMLab 800 center?

I own JM Lab Cobalt 810s. Enjoying them for 2-channel audio. Now I'm planning to use them as FrontL/FrontR for a home theater setup.
How important is it that I use JMLab Cobalt for the CENTER CHANNEL speaker? How would JMLab Cobalt 800 match with them?
Any advice warmly appreciated.
the virtually-uniform consensus is you should match your fronts and center as close as possible in order to make surround as seamless as possilbe. matching rears are somewhat less critical, but still ideally should be from the same line. in your case, the cobalt 800 (or even another 810) is designed for use with other cobalts (same impedance, sound character, efficiency, etc) and consequnetly would be the way to go.
How's this for a "match"... my L & R front speakers are JMLabs Micro Utopia BE's and my center is a Monitor Audio Silver series. I bet lots of Audiogoners' have "mismatched" fronts especially if they're 2 channel guys.