JM Reynaud Twin Signatures vs. Bliss/Silver

Has anyone ever compared these 3 speakers? The JMR Twin Signature, Bliss, and Bliss Silvers? I have the Twin Signatures. The main problem I have with them is that the bass sounds a bit too boomy, lumpy, and ill defined in my small listening room. I am wondering if the Bliss's would solve this problem or not? Also, there is a slight opaqueness and murky sound to the Twins as well. I would like a larger soundstage and bit more clarity without giving up too much warmth. Despite some reservations I do love these speakers. They have a musical insightfulness that other speakers seem to lack. I can better understand the structure of the music and the notes have a more 3D roundness to them.
Anyone have any comments? Is it worth the upgrade?
I used to own the JM Reynaud Twin Signatures and although they are very fine speakers I agree about the bass and solved the problem by moving on to the Merlin TSM-MXE's which are much better speakers and have a very tight detailed bass as well as a great midrange and lower midrange which sometimes is ruined by speakers with the mid bass hump/bump.
You seem to want a more analytical speaker than JM Reynaud is frequently described as. Please note I am not making any value judgement about JM Reynaud -they have been a very successful speaker company and have many devotees. This is simply a matter of taste preference etc. In terms of bass there are many alternatives which have the taughter sound you seek. I have another "JM"- Focals. Staying French you may want to check them out. They do get exponentionally better as you go up the line. I don't know your budget. BTW the TSMs do have very tight bass.
Are you using the special Reynaud wood stands? They could make a difference. Alos, if you haven't done so, I suggest you chat with Bob Neill at Amherst Audio. He's an expert with this speaker line.
I have a pair of Twin mkII and at the same time, owned the original Trente. I found the Trente be be extended more on both the top and bottom with more air from the tweeter. It was more revealing of your equipment and not as forgiving as the Twins. But it was great speaker and retained the general sound of the Twins, but provided a slightly bigger sound. If you like the Twins, I think you'll enjoy the Trente.

They did sound better with more watts than the Twins. The best combo at my place was with a Doge 8 preamp and a Jaton Operetta 2-channel amp.

As for stands, I felt the Reynaud Magic Stands were more balanced than metal Orisis Stands that emphasized the bass over the midrange at my place. I had the Orisis spiked stands on top
why not give Bob Neil at Amherest Audio a call - imports them and is easy to talk with
The Twin Mark II's are often underestimated. The key to getting the most out of the Twins (like most speakers) is to find a good matching amplifier and cables. I am using an Audion Silver Knight single ended stereo mode...employing two PX25 tubes. Wiring is Audio Note Lexus and Acrotec interconnects to the digital end. The PX25 tube tends to produce a much leaner and tighter "bass response". I am only pushing 8 watts through the speakers, there is plenty of dynamics and the sound is glorious. The soundstage is vast, imaging is precise, and the lower mids are tight and fast. Also, I am using the Reynaud stands designed for these speakers...and yes, they do make a difference in tightening up the presentation and are well worth the investment. Bought them on Audiogon, brand new at a very fair price.

The man to speak to regarding Reynaud is the original importer, Randy Bankert, based in Toluca Lake, California. You will get an unbiased opinion from an audiophile who no longer has a stake in selling Reynaud products.
Thank you everyone for your comments and help.