JM Reynaud Twin MK3 vs. JM Lab Electra 906

Hi all,

I am the happy owner of a JM Reynaud Twin MK3. I was looking around to upgrade them. And the most susceptible speakers to do this seem to be JM Lab Electra 906. but the problem is that I never listened to them (because there is no dealer in my area). So, my question is: it will be an upgrade first of all? If there is an upgrade it deserves this upgrade to pay double the price of my Reynauds? (I can sell my Reynauds for $500 and I will pay $1000 for the Electra 906)

Thank you very much to all of you.
I can't help you with direct comparison; I'm not familiar with the Reynauds. I can only say that I owned the Electra 906s and loved them. With typical, perverse audiophile logic, I liked them so much I had to upgrade to the new Electra Be line when it came available. I'm not sorry I did, but the 906's stand up very well as fine value; terrific imaging and detail. Personally I much preferred them to the Monitor and KEF lines in comparable price ranges.
I heard the 906's recently and was impressed with them, fast as all get out with a very smooth, detailed, spacious presentation.

Just be careful matching them, they have a forward presentation and I believe can become excessive with the wrong associated gear.

Also, when you upgrade, just make sure you are "upgrading" sufficiently and are not just moving sideways.

I have Reynaud Trentes and I know they are easy to drive. I think the Twins are easy to drive too but I do not know about the 906. I would find that out and see if it is compatible with your amp. You can save some money when you do not need the amount of power you need to drive some speakers.

BTW I love my Trentes...

I used to own the Twin Mk 3's, and have heard the JM Labs at a dealer. Both are VERY nice. But personally, I think if you are going to upgrade the 3's, wait a bit and go for something even better than the 906's. While they are great, I don't know if I'd say they do everything better than the Twins, which seemed to have a certain magic to them, depsite not having all the supposed "hi-fi" trickery.

I paired the Twins with a noname British integrated called the Newtonia Solis in a second system. The Newtonia was an incredible performer, having much of the pace and musicality fo the Naim gear, with bass and dynamics to boot. I miss that combo; I sold it when I dismantled the second system....

So I'd say stay happy with your Twins, and upgrade when it is even more worthy.

My thoughts.....

(FYI, I heard the JM Labs driven by Naim and Musical Fidelity gear).
Thank you very much to all of you. Indeed it sounds as I expected - altough JMLAbs 906 are very good the Twins are comparable and won't make sense to spend $500 more to move sideways. And indeed my Thule IA 60 B is very forward in revealing. I will wait for awhile to upgrade to something else (I have in head the Triangle Naia) or, maybe, I will build my own speakers and it will cost less and it will sound better.

Thank you again for your comments