JM Reynaud Trente- have you heard them? comments?

These are GREAT speakers. I'm not sure what's going on in the US... The US rep has changed recently, so that may have some effect, but there's not a whole lot of info out there, which is a shame. They JUST replaced my B&W Nautilus 805s, which I consider to be a great little speaker. Any thoughts on this speaker???
Pretty decent sounding, agreed. Finish work/appearance could be better, IMHO, for the price. Fairly efficient, which is a plus. Instability of the manufacturer (switching distributor) is somewhat disturbing. Somewhat overpriced, at retail I think. the old distributor probably has some that he is trying to blow out... randyb on audiogon I think. (or

Overall a good speaker, all around. One of the better ones in that line that I have heard.

These are amazing speakers for particular type of music. For jazz, vocals, acoustic, etc. they are incredible, especially matched with the right tube amps! I found it to match well with Audion amps. Right now, I have it hooked up to Air Tight ATM-2, and the sound is awesome! It does not have the bass of the B&W, so its not the best speakers for Rock. It it very natural sounding speakers and non-fatiguing. It is very easy to setup, doesnt required complicated geometry to set it up. It requires a long break in period, 400+ hours!!!

Overall, I think this is one of the best speakers for the price range.
Yeah, that's what I thought RE: breakin...
I have a used pair that I decided to replace (still got 'em, probably will be selling soon) with a pair in the cherry battenboard finish, that seems to be a little stiffer and more neutral, but after 200+ hours, the new ones are not nearly as sweet as the used pair.
I find that the bass is pretty darned good. I'd have to say that the bass with the Trente's is more tuneful and accurate than that of my (now sold) Nautilus 805, which are a great speaker.
I'm using a Rogue Tempest, set to triode, from the 8 ohm taps-with el-34 output tubes. The Rogue has been soft in triode with all other speakers that I've tried. Also, the el34 tube, while being nice in the mids, is also notoriously softer in the bass that the large bottle pentodes, (6550, kt88, etc). However, I'm getting GREAT bass. Rock, Electronic (Air, Leftfield, Thievery Corporation, etc) jazz, all of it. I dunno, these speakers really do something special. I agree with the above comments that the build quality could be better for the suggested retail (mainly just the terminal box, the construction on my cherrys is top shelf.)