jm labs MEZZO UTOPIA,comments.

HOW good are these speakers,the build and detail seem of extremely high quality.How about sonically?
I heard them in The Inner Report room at a recent show.Not impressed at all.I heard some Tetra Listening Instruments with simalar front end and amps at the same show and also some Proacs with same Front end and amps both were more musical than the Mezzo. I feel there is much more value for your $ in other speakers.
I'm with Tml2. Like the other utopia series, they're very exaggerated on pricewise. Because of their box design, the're not capable of producing dept and soundstage properly. Listen very carefully before deciding to purchase
see Alvin Gold's recent review on for some enlightenment. I have the Utopias so cannot really comment on the Mezzos. One thing I will say is that these monitors demand tube amplification to perform optimally (ensuring, of course, that there is enough juice to drive the 11" woofers). SS makes the Telar 57 tweeter "squeel".