jm labs focal vs definitive technology

i recently sitched from a pair of klipsch klf 30 speakers to jm labs focal 918's.i'm really happy with them. lately though im hearing a lot of good things about definitive technology. has anyone compared the two. im really satisfied the the focal's, just wonderin if i moved to soon on them without giving the definitive line an audition. i auditioned b&w's, spendors, triangles, sonus faber, vandersteens and thiels. liked the focals the best.
These two speaker lines are quite different in philosophy and execution. Part of the journey of audio is coming to know yourself, and this is one of those times where "what do you like" looms larger than "which one is best".

Let me ask you this: If you were going to a recital hall to hear a performance, would you rather sit up close to the front, or farther back - like in the middle of the hall? This is of course an oversimplification, but the JM Labs are more like sitting up front and the Def Techs more like sitting near the middle of the hall.

I'm not saying one's better than the other - just pointing out that these two lines are representive of different theories about how music should be reproduced in the home.

Definitive Technology speakers are great candidates for HT applications, not so much for music. I had a pair of BP2000s back in the mid 90s which were very impressive for dino stomps, car crashes and full tilt movie soundtracks. But kick drums were boomy, stand up bass was ill defined and the imaging was very diffuse. I traded them in for a pair of VS VR4 Silvers and was much happier.
I agree with both of the above statements, I liked the LMlab 936 alot, the Definitives are not as refined, articulate, etc. The bipole Definitives to give more of a mid room sound, are a good value when doubling as theater fronts.
I agree with Ozzy62. Leave the Def Tech's for movies. Stick with the focals for music.