JM Labs-Focal: Chorus 726S or 806V or Electra 906?

I am interested in purchasing a pair of Focal speakers and can buy the Electra 906 (used) or Chorus 726S (dealer demo) or 806V (new) for about the same price. I would be very grateful for advice as to which one. They will be powered by a NAD integrated amp. I listen primarily to jazz and classical. I have a pair of Daline 3.1s that I love. Which speakers might sound closest? Thanks so much.
I have never heard an "S" series Focal speaker, but have heard a lot of the different "v" speakers. The 806v is a great speaker, but I'd be surprised if the Electra 906 didn't sound better. Can you listen to any of them?
Thanks. Unfortunately, my local Focal dealer (Sound by Singer) went out of business. Do you know what the difference is supposed to be between the S and V Chorus speakers? Ordinarily, I would think the monitors would be better for me but the 726 are a very good value.
I don't know what the difference is between the S and V Chorus speakers other than I've read a lot more positive reviews of the V speakers than I have of the S spaekers.

Just a couple of weeks ago I listened to a pair of the 806v speakers at my local dealer and was blown away with their sound. I'm sure my Focal 836v speakers would sound better connected to the same equipment, but the sound was excellent. They were hooked to a Pathos amplifier.

I would anticipate them being great for jazz and classical with the exception of organ music and no bookshelf speaker really does well with organ music.

I've heard a 726v once and was fairly impressed, but I know my local dealer generally carries the 706v for the bookshelf and goes to the 800 series for floorstanding models. They have said that they think the added range of the floorstanding models causes them to need the thicker cabinets and bottom bass port to really maximize on the investment.

I would either go for the Electra or the 806v.
Being a former Focal dealer, I'd definitely go for the Electra 906. At least, that would be my choice. The 806V is decent, but from memory the sound of the Electra 906 was a nice step up.
for the same money, i'd also go with the electras---fantastic high end, extremely well built, easy to place and unfussy about front end. can't compare 'emto the daline, which i haven't heard. the issue for me with the chorus line is driver integration--there's a noticeable midbass hump, although that tweeter is incredible. i currently use the cobalts in my office system and find them more seamless in presentation. just my opinion, of course--tas loves the chorus, and are undoubtedly more expert.
Thanks so much for all of the input. Is there a significant difference between the 706 and 806?
I have not actually heard an 806v, but doubt there is a significant difference. Probably the finish is the biggest change since the drivers are identical.
I own Cobalt 820's and Focal 906's, in addition to ML CLSiiz's, and Cain & Cain Abby's. It's 906's hands down, but I've obtained best results driving them with 100 watts Class A via a Threshold T200. The Cobalts have been relegated to rear channel surrounds, even though they obviously produce far more bass than the 906's.

I'm not so sure the NAD integrated is capable of driving the 906's and featuring them at their best, but they're the better speaker to my ear. Very hot speakers, and a great buy used!