JM Labs/Focal Alto or Alon Circe or Genesis 6.1

i'm thinking of one of the following 5.1/stereo systems, music and 5.1 combined use. my preferences are: silky smooth highs, NON fatiguing old school "British" highs but are revealing, midhall presentation rather than Row A presentation, deep soundstage, and very visceral, full range bass.

(1) JM Labs/Focal Alto's (replaced the Mezzos), with the new Utopia Center, plus a Revel B15 subwoofer, and i'll use my 5-yr old B&W 601's as temporary rears.

(2) Alon Circe's, Alon LCR Grand Center, Alon Thunderbolt subwoofer, and possibly the Alon Rascals for rears.

(3) the Brand New Genesis 6.1, and the upcoming center from them. there is no need for a sub since the Genesis 6.1 goes down to 16 Hz. Yes, 16 Hz. not a typo.

Pros and Cons:

much higher resale on the JM Labs/Focal, brand new gestation period on the Altos and the new Utopia line, but, unfortunately, much has been spent by JM Lab/Focal on cosmetics.

Alons are my favorite with sooooo much air, space, and punch! but, horrible name recognition when trying to resell, plus, the Circe's, while really fantastic, are very late in their gestation/product cycle, i think they must do some type of an upgrade (even cosmetic) in 2 years since they've been around since 1997-8.

Genesis 6.1, well, i owned the Genesis V's and loved them, but, they've gone out of business before... plus, they are highly complicated speakers, so if they work well, they are great, but don't get a lemon like some others have. BUT, they are magnificently full range and don't need a sub, and brand new in their product cycle. the risk is that this is their FIRST product from this factory/plant and, we all know, the first products seem to always have problems.

any ideas, please?

thanks in advance.
Hmmmmm. Well, I think you've already told us what speaker you like best ("Alons are my favorite with sooooo much air, space, and punch!"). Your reservations seem to be about their resale value and age. I'd suggest that those considerations pale into relative insignificance compared to sound quality. Buying a speaker for its resale value is like marrying a woman because she would be cheap to divorce.

Well, that's my $.02.

Give my regards to Old McDonald...

I am not only a daler of Alon, but have the Circe's myself. Your description of them is evry accurate. The soundstage is huge!! You can pick out each individual instrument, and where thet appear in the stage; quiet background! By the way, they are also a speaker that will allow you to hear any changes made upstream. I started out with the Circes, and a CJ amp, and that was too mellow for me. I now have the Herron M150 monoblocks, SF Line-2 Special Edition, and Sony SCD-1 Hot-Rodded, and the sound is just amazing for both the Jazz and Rock I listen to. The bass goes very low, so I'm thinking about selling my Alon Thunderbolt sub, but I also have a rise of about +6 - +8 db in my room at 25-60Hz, so that is part of it. You are right about resale; people just don't know about Alon even though they have been reviewed favorably...Chris
I own the Alons and would highly recommend them. I just can't seem to find a fault with them. I would suggest the Napoleons for rears though, instead of the Lil' Rascals. I also wouldn't worry about resale. That's just me.