JM Labs Elektra 906

Anyone had a chance to hear these speakers. Do they rival the typical 2000 dollar monitor? (N805, M20, Dynaudio 1.3?) Also, do they need a lot of power? I've heard the 926 with a YBA integrated and was impressed, but didn't get to spend much time.
I find electra 906 a very refined speaker able to convey the emotion of the music - which IMHO separates the good from the better speakers. Pls be careful with the amp you plan to mate it with - 906 likes tubes or warm-sounding hybrids. Feed it right and you may like what you will hear.

I am not a fan of N805 which I find on the analytical side imho. I find Contour 1.3SE better than N805 in so many ways - you just have to mate with a good S/S amp that can deliver a lot of current. I suggest you audition your amp with the speaker of your choice to know better.
I used to have all these speakers you mentioned except for the B&W N805. The 1.3SE is closer to the sound of the M20 and both can go deeper on the buttom end compared to the 906. The 906 is livelier but with wrong electronics it can sound bright. And you are right, they rival the typical 2000 dollar monitor. Which one is better? As always, it depends on your taste.