JM Labs Electra 946 vs Dunlavy SCIV-A

Just heard Jm Labs today. I was very impressed. Does anyone have experience with both of these speakers. I am having a hard time finding a dealer with Dunlavy speakers near New Orleans. How do these two speakers compare to each other? I will be using a California Audio Labs MCA 2500 amplifier and SSP. Widescreen Review seems to love the combination of Cal and Dunlavy.
Bulldogger -

As we communicated, the Dunlavy SC-IV (non A version owner) is a wonderful speaker, room and significant other accepting!!

I have heard the 946 and the SC4A. I have also owned the non "A" version and IMO, still way better than the 946. 946 might sound slightly tidier and cleaner overall but does not convey the music like the SC4. With the 946, you will be listening to hifi instead to the music.

No comparison my friend. Totally different league. You can get them used on this site for not that much as they are huge and not easy to ship.
Thanks Dan.I've been loving the Cal amp that you sold me. Great deal on a stellar amp! Genisis 168 I think you are right about the hifi sound. My wife is cool,well sort of. She insist that I get my own room when we start to build our house in Dec. I am getting a 27 foot by 17 foot room with 8 foot ceilings. She has another rec room planned for TV. She says she wants all of my stuff in the big room. Her motives are dual, she knows I love the stuff and wants to see me happy, and she is sick of looking at my stuff too! So, maybe I'll get the big Dunlavy HCRR center, SCIV-A for fronts and buy some SCIV- non A for the rears. Oh, I'll need a sub too, hehhehehe!
Bulldogger, its not even close. The Dunlavy SC 1VA are much better speakers. The Dunlavy have this amazing midrange and bass. The drivers just blend in perfectly together. A better comparison would be to the JM Lab Mezzo and Grand Utopias. Keep in Mind, the Dunlavy 1VA speakers are very tall, so you'll need a large room. If you have the room, get the Dunlavy's. Another speaker i recommend, are the Dunlavy Aletha speakers. These are the speakers I'm using. They sound amazing. They have that layered type midrange and the bass is great. I also like the BW Nautilus 802s.
Do you prefer the Nautilus 802 over the Aerial 10T?