Jm Labs Electra 936 help needed.

I purchased these recently and can't get them to sound right in my room. My room has a concrete floor with Pergo on top. Amp is an McCormack dna1 revision A with Acoustic Zen Satori speaker cable. Treble sounds nothing like the Electra 920.1 I owned a long time ago in a carpeted room. Sounds too bright; room is approximately 600 sq. ft., not sure if I can fix with speaker cables, I am looking for suggestions from people who have had this line in the past.
I own them. It goes without saying that you need to get the room acoustics right. I would carpet the floor as a start.
I had the same problem with harshness and over bright sound using numerous SS amps. Then I finally took a friends advice who told me that I needed tube power amps. He was absolutely correct it was like magic I promise you. Then I got a 6SN7 based preamp and it got even better. I added a critical Cardas interconnect between the preamp and the monoblocks -get golden something I have golden refs a few years old. Finally I used Jena lab all copper braid speaker cables and the system and speakers sound incredible!
AND NO NO NO a tube preamp will not work I repeat a tube pre will not substitute for the tube power amps. You are better off with a SS pre and tubed power I promise.
I agree with Mechans, that the JM Labs magic happens with tubes. It's too bad that the efficiency ratings of some models suggest that they are more tube friendly that they really are. What do you look for in your figure skaters - technical merit or artistic performance?
Bigwavedave, you didn't make any mention of your preamp or your source, but I'd say it is the room. Being a former Focal JMlab dealer, I can't say I found the top end bright on these. The top end is fairly revealing though. If anything, if memory serves me correctly, I'd say your old Electra 920.1 speakers were brighter than the Electra 936. You're definitely hearing the result of a different room. Mechans has some good suggestions. Good luck.
Updated: I replaced the speaker cables with some inexpensive ones I had lying around. Must say I thought the sound would get even worse, but it surprisingly improved. If someone has a good cable recommendation I would like to hear it.
I would like to carpet, but not an option except maybe a using a rug.
Have been thinking about a tube amp, but not sure where to start.
Thanks for the help
I forgot to mention I use a First Sound Presence Deluxe MKII preamp.
Well what do you know, the used speakers I just purchased took a week to break-in. I swapped the Satori cables back in today, and was surprised it changed, now playing these speakers finally sound smooth. Would have never guessed it would take so long to warm them up. Looking for a nice large rug next and maybe some Golden Reference speaker cables to see if they better the Satori's. Many thanks to all who offered their advice.