JM Labs Electra 926 vs 936

Hello. I have a pair of Electra 926 and love them. Very fast, bright, which I like, acurate, and the imaging is incredible IMO. I use them with a Electra sub, but still would like a bit more bass. I found a pair of Electra 936 for a good chunk, but the drive to score them is insane. From what I found on the web, they both have 7" woofers ? I am measuring 6.5" on the 926 but found a listing of them actually housing 7's. What are the official sizes ? I would expect the mids and the highs very similar, but stronger bass out of the 936's, if they come with larger woofers. Thanks for your input

I used to own the 926's and thought as you do . So I tried out the 936's .

The difference was barely discernible . Not worth the trouble , for me .