JM Labs, Altos or 946

I heard a pair of Novas and loved the detailed bass. However my budget allows me to consider the Altos or 946. My room is quite large, 24 X 35 with speakers firing towards the 35 feet. They will be driven by Mcintosh 1201 monos, but would consider trading for the MC2000 tube or 2102. How do the Altos and 946 compare against each other, or the 2 against the novas? Thanks, John
I have auditioned the Altos & the Novas, I had a hard time telling them apart. My 2 cents worth. I think the Mezzo's out preform the Altos. More natural, warmer sound. I found the Altos a little harsh. I also feel the Mezzo's have a fine detailed bass. I was sold on the Mezzo's until I heard a pair of Revel Studio's which I ended up putting into my system. Are you sure you would want to give up the 1201 mono's for a tube amp? I think you would lose a lot of punch and speed that you have now. I came very close in doing the same ( 1201 mono's out of my budget ) going with the tube amp. I decided on the MC352 and the C2200 (tube) preamp. This combo gives me the kick I want from the amp and the warmer sound from the tube preamp.
Thanks for your response Dave. Switching the 1201's was just a thought, didnt think I would need all that power with the Altos and I always wanted the MC2000 as a collectors piece, will definatly wait till I hear the results with the 1201's first. I too have the C2200 and using an EAD pro 9000 dac with the Mcintosh 751 transport. Going to audition the 946 early next week, dealer is asking 6k for a demo pair. What are mezzos going for anyway? Thanks, John