JM Lab vs Aurum Cantus

I`m intrested to buy a top of the line bookself speakers. There are two major candidates on the loop Mini Utopia (used) and AC Volla (new), but other models come in to discussion too. In My country I have no option to listen on theese. I have only listened to JM lab Cobalt 816 once.
So please everyone who have listened to Aurum Cantus or JM Lab please send Your suggestion.
Amp is Pass Labs x150.
I have a pair of the original JMlabs Micro Utopias and I absolutely love them! They're the most detailed and revealing yet musical speaker I've ever had at home. They're also easy to drive, I'm using 18 tube watts. They're also surprisingly full range, going down to about 40hz in my smallish room. Lastly the fit and finish is as good as it gets. Well worth checking out. I would imagine the Mini's are even better.
Thanks Jond for Your great response.
Come on Audiogoners be more active send Your suggestions.
I my opinion, the JMs would be the solid choice. I have not heard the Aurum Cantas though. The JM Utopia line has always impressed me. From the Micro Model on up.

Good Luck!

I have an acquaintance(a friend of a good friend of mine)who had to sell his BIG RIG audio set-up,due to personal reasons,and moved into smaller quarters.He is a very serious record collector(you would know him,as he reviews for a British audio mag.)!!The point is,he dealt with his smaller listening quarters(still kept 2 turntables,mono and stereo)by downsizing to the Micro Berylliums,and BOY was he ever surprised as to how "fabulous" they sounded.Truth be told,as he tells my friend:"I don't miss my big set-up anymore"!!That says it all--I guess.Best of luck!