JM Lab Utopia Sub

Is there any added benefit to match the Utopia sub to the Utopia lines of speakers such as Mini Utopia or Mezzo Utopia? Is it worth the money to add the sub for a few low Hz's (for music) and any one care to give honest feedback on the Utopia sub (performance wise as compare to Velodyne or M&K)? Thanks.
trantq--sorry, i do not have any experience with the velodyne. i don't know if it's always better to stick with the same brand for compatability but i think that you should start with the same brand. that is to say, for your speakers (especially ht), the presumption is that the same brand should be the snuggest fit. but like everything else i'm sure there are exceptions to this rule. good luck.
Randalleron - Again, thanks.
Lets see if we have any other experience Utopia users who might want to share their experiences with us. By the way, do you prefer the Utopia series over Sonus Faber or B&W? What other speakers do you like beside JM Lab?
I have recently traded in Aerial 7B's with two Vandersteen 2W subs. While the subs filled in the lower regions, their greatest benefit was that it permitted more power to go to the 7B's and, boy, did they open up! Much more dynamic and lively. I considered the MIni's with the 2w's, but the Mezzos are in a different league...even with the subs, the Mini's aren't as complete a speaker system as the Mezzo's...the Mezzos are special, particularly when mated with a great amp.
I owe JMLab Mini Utopia partnered with YBA amplification and cd player.
I too want to put a sub to filll the frequencies below 45-50Hz I am thinking the REl Strata III has anyone any experience?
I also would like to ask your opinion on different connections (through the second output of my preamp or in parallel to the amplifier speaker terminals.

There is also another thing that puzzles me if one is to use a sub what happens to the frequencies that both the main speakers and the sub produce.Is there any overlapping?since there is no active crossover in the chain??
I would apreciate your thoughts and insight
Robathome - Could you please suggest a few great amps for the Utopia speakers? Tube or solid state?

Mahler - I believe going low level from the pre-amp to the low level input of the sub would be better than parallel speaker cables between the amp and the sub.(IMHO)
May be other experts can provide more information for you. Since you owe the Mini, why would not you consider the Utopia sub? Is the Rel better?