JM Lab Utopia setup/tweaks

I am a couple of days away from setting up this speaker in my living room. Would be very thankful for sharing your experience about setup and tweaks with this speaker. My room is about 22'x17' with 11 ft ceiling. One side opening to a dining room and at the front opening to a hallway so the actual volume is bigger. I' am planinng to drive it VTL MB450 monos, SFL-Preamp, Sony SCD-1 and Synergistic Designer Reference cables. Many Thanks for the help
I believe "Bishopwill", who posts here regularly, has a pair and i think he would be a good person to ask.

I remain,
make sure you get them off the wall. use the spikes. the utopias take alot off break in. i am still experimenting with placement.
Use the spikes. Get the spikes dead level on the floor. Stay well clear of walls and corners. Count on a couple hundred hours of break-in. They're pretty forgiving of placement...not one of those where an inch this way or that will make or break you. As in all things, listen, listen, listen. Then take a break, come back, and listen. Having a spouse or helper who will move them around while you sit still is an enormous advantage but warning: they ain't easy to move with the spikes down.

I'm not a tweakophile so I'm the wrong person to ask about esoteric speaker cables and the like. I do use a little Sonex on the wall behind the speakers and at the first reflection points on the walls and ceiling. That and a heavy rug is it for room mods. The room is 18 x 22 x 9.

Enjoy! I'm fairly sure they're the last speakers I will buy, a conviction I've never held before.

Thanks for all three of you. Will make an effort to post my learning in the near future.