JM Lab: Utopia Diva Be, 937 Be or new 1027 Be?

Which one would you say is at the top of the price-value-sound curve to be driven by 25W SET?
I would go for the 1027 Be. It will be a better music-speaker in most rooms, than the Diva. The Drivers, including new IAL Tweeter, are better than in the previous-gen. 900-series (937 Be). Plus it looks great.
Depending on the size of your room and type of music, there's a good chance that 25WPC will not provide enough horsepower for either speaker to reach full potential IMO.
I have to say that if you go with JM Labs, the 1027's are the ones to get. They are simply a fantastic speaker. With good placement, and tweaks, the sound that you can pull from these speakers is simply fantastic. I would say that they are at least 90% good as Alto's. I am using mine with a Halo C2 and Bryston amps. I had the 927's and it is simply no contest. The 1027's are much better.
The 1027 Be or Diva will require a high-quality 200-wpc Amplifier to sound their best. Forget the specs., these Speakers are not that easy to drive. I've audition the 1027 Be on Krell, Mark Levinson and Classe systems and they sounded great. 90+% of the Altos. The 1037 Be is now available in the US. I believe it retails for $10.5K, you might want to look into this Model as well.