JM Lab new high end speakers: any rumors?

Has anyone heard that if JM Lab is coming out with a new high end speaker like a Utopia2 or something? There are so many JM Lab Mezzo Utopia and JM Lab Utopia sales that have been occurring for the last four months that I am assuming that JM Lab will announce something at CEDIA or at the CES in January. Anyone heard any rumors?
yes,with new tweeter for grand utopia and may be for smaller models.
Is the Utopia line going to lose any value for used resale market?
it will start with the grands first but do not expect the others to be out very soon. i plan on buying the utopias again or grands. i do not think the changes will be that large. i think that is all i can tell you guys and gals for now.
Speaking of JM Lab, they sure sound nice, but does it bother anyone that they have no grilles, even as an option?
(Or to real audiophiles not need such things?)
They always look unfinished to me.
Grills or not, they certainly sound like a finished product. Do you have details regarding the new tweeter, Kirk? Inverted dome?
I heard at a dealer this weekend that new Utopia's will be anounced in November.
now the cat is out of the bag. did you guys see the new prices for the older utopias? 4k 5k, 10k,20k. utopias for 20k new, wow.if anyone wants a new pair let me know.