JM Lab mini Utopia's and which sub

I use to have a two channel set-up with the JM labs mini's
The high and the mid's where great and the low can be a little better.

Now I am building a surround set with five mini's and a sub
which sub wil do? I still like te listen two channel
but surround has to go with a bang.

Will the mini's do good as a surround speaker?
and which sub can I use?

Now i hear that the Martin Logan Descent will do in bought causes a really good job, please some feedback


I had the mini's for two years with a Velodyne HGS-10 and loved it, but I have heard better. For $800 dollars a sub, the HGS is a great bang for your buck, but if you are going to do HT and price is not a consideration, I would look for a used Sub Utopia. The Sub Utopia uses similar drivers to the one found in the Utopia and Grande Utopia. Good luck.
i would recomend the sub utopia as well. also the electa sub is only 1795 retail and it would blow you away. it has the utopia woofer in it.

for the feedback


anyone else?
I will start off by saying I`m kind of bias on this one since I have a pair of mezzo`s. The sub utopia would be my choice and as kirk930 said the electra would be my 2nd option I`ve heard both combo`s and you most certainly will have a sound that`s JM LAB is sought after in the utopia line. Note- If you have a Koetsu cartridge rebuilt by Van Den Hul you will no longer Koetsu that truly sounds like a Koetsu. Not to say Van Den Hull make a bad cartridge just a different sound. Stick with a JM Lab product just my 2 cent`s. David