JM Lab Mini Utopia driven by Plinius 8200MKII

Has anyone ever driven Mini Utopias with Plinius 8200 integrated amp? I currently have the Minis and the Plinius 8200 and was thinking of upgrading the amp. Any suggestions or would i just be shelling out too much money for too little improvement with the more expensive integrated amps? I would like to stay with integrateds up to 4000 USD.

The rest of my system is the MF Nu Vista 3D, Analysis Plus cables, DH Labs interconnect.
I have tried my mini's with a plinius 8100 and it is a very nice combo. Although my main system has the MF Nu-vista M3 and I feel that it is a big upgrade over the plinius. If you can get one for 3000-3500 used then I would go for it. Good Luck!
If you are looking for a different sound, I have used the minis with VTL tube amps. I find that this took some of the edge out of the highs.
YBA and JMLab sound great together
Check out hte Cary SLI 80 or BAT 300x. I have heard the Cary on JM Lab, and it is an excellent comment. The BAT is getting praise everywhere...

which vtl amp did you use? You think the vtl IT85 is good enough?